​A cased deck of cards is shown on all six sides - all is as it should be. The cards are removed, fanned and ribbon spread to show all 52 faces. The interior of the case is shown completely empty and the cards are returned back inside and the flap is closed. The cased deck is held in one hand only with all four real fingers and real thumb in view. For the first time a playing card is freely named. Absolutely no force at all. The flap is opened. Slowly... the card starts to rise.


Notion of Motion uses no electronics, weights, magnets or threads.

Each deck is precision made in Bicycle card stock for right handed operation.

Cards are separate from one another and can be fanned or spread. After the rise, the card can be pushed back down into deck and the effect immediately repeated with a different card. The card can even sink down all by itself at your command, should you so wish. You have total control of how fast a card rises or descends and when it rises.

Right click is disabled...